A chilly winters day tree-planting at a York primary school

Seedlings at School Yearsley Grove 250216 030
It’s the end of February and spring feels like a long way off. But this is tree-planting season and that means getting out in all weather, says Isabel McKenzie, Ethical Projects Officer at Bettys & Taylors. It’s also one of the joys of our local tree planting programmes- Bettys & Taylors staff able to volunteer and witness the powerful connection that happens when young people get outdoors and learn about, and contribute towards our natural surroundings.

We joined year 5 pupils at Yearsley Grove Primary School as they planted tree saplings and learnt about the important role they play in nature. This is the second time Bettys has visited the school with our Seedlings at Schools programme, which we run in partnership with environmental charity Groundwork. Despite it being a very cold February day, the pupils were wrapped up warm and had fun digging in. Us Yorkshire folk are made of strong stuff!

The pupils worked really hard, planting 50 saplings including Oak, Hawthorn, Beech and Chestnut. This added to an already impressive amount of tree planting which has taken place at Yearsley Grove Primary School. Pupils have enjoyed checking on the progress of their trees and some of them have even been given names!

Our two-year Seedlings at School programme has already meant that 6,000 trees have been planted whilst helping 2,500 local schoolchildren learn about the importance of trees.

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