Yorkshire Tree

Birmingham 03

Yorkshire Tea has been out and about with The Gruffalo this month, celebrating our new pledge to plant a million trees in the UK and Kenya over the next five years. The project – ‘Yorkshire Tree’ – is working with The Gruffalo and The Woodland Trust to inspire schools and families to care for and enjoy our natural world, while planting trees in practice.

We have already started joining with schools across the UK to plant 500,000 saplings by 2020 and, with some help from the Gruffalo, we’ve been creating educational materials that everyone can benefit from (please see here). In Kenya, we’re working with more primary schools and with smallholder farmers to plant hundreds of thousands of trees which can produce food for subsistence and income, shade and shelter, bee habitats and borders.

To find out more about the Gruffalo campaign and download resources please visit: trees.yorkshiretea.co.uk. There will be lots more to come on the progress of our work in the UK and the project in Kenya as it unflolds.

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