We’re the family business that loves trees

At Bettys & Taylors we’ve been planting and protecting trees since 1990. With the help of our customers we’ve planted 3 million trees worldwide and protected an area of Amazonian Rainforest larger than the Yorkshire Dales.

As a business that relies on agriculture for much of its produce, from tea and coffee to wheat and sugar, it makes sense for us to care for the health of the environment. Planting trees around the world and protecting hundreds of thousands of hectares of rainforest has really taught us the value of trees – not just for our planet, but for the communities who directly depend upon them. Our projects have helped to prevent soil erosion and flooding, they have improved livelihoods and increased incomes, they have even helped communities to regain knowledge about the ecological and traditional values of their native species. Through Bettys & Taylors Trees for Life campaigns we intend to keep making a difference to our planet through trees for many years to come.

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