Kenyan Forests

pupils offloading seedlings

While Bettys focuses its efforts on tree planting in our beautiful Yorkshire landscape, at Taylors we’ve been working on a project which, amongst other things, attempts to reduce the environmental impact of tea farming in Kenya.

Working in partnership with Nature Kenya, the project is focused on both replanting native trees into Kenyan forests hit by deforestation and planting fast-growing trees on private land that local communities, schools and businesses – including tea farms – can use for a more easily renewable fuel source.

We’ve already worked in three of Kenya’s forests to plant and protect 190 hectares and we’re now continuing to support a range of initiatives in the South Nandi forest area, including reforesting 95 hectares of natural forest, planting 65,000 fast-growing trees in 65 hectares of land to create community woodlots, and working with tea companies to establish the use of woodlots as a sustainable source of fuel for their machinery.

Schools neighbouring the forests will also being given 30,000 trees to create woodlots and Nature Kenya will encourage school children to raise seedlings to plant at home so they can share what they’ve learnt with their families.

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